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Posted by hyperpiper - June 14th, 2021

(Cindy turns on the TV)

News Broadcaster: Good morning Spicketville! Yesterday, a small meteorite crashed into a resturaunt. Scientists did some testing, and turns out is made of some of the most valuable metals. In a few days, it will be put up on display in the Spicketville Museum.

(Cindy turns off the tv)

Cindy: Well that's strange? Not many exciting things happen down here, but now robberies, murder, and now an asteroid.

Mike: Hmm, what do you do for a living?

Cindy: Oh, Walter and I work at a newspaper press. Walter's boyfriend, Matthew, works there too.

Mike: Cool, so what are the neighbors like?

Cindy: Nextdoor is James and Eddie. They live together. Eddie always has trouble paying the rent.

(There is a knock on the door, it's Walter and Matthew)

Matthew: Hey Cindy, I see we have visitors.

Cindy: Yup, this is Mike.

(Frosty runs up to Matthew)

Matthew: Oh, you missed me? Haha good girl, sit.

(She sits down)

Matthew: Now did you hear about the Space rock?

Cindy: Yeah, Mike and I just saw it!

Walter: James thinks we should steal it and sell it for money. I think we should.

Cindy: Why do we need money?

Matthew: Maybe for Eddie, so he can pay the rent.

Mike: That would be a good idea.

(Cindy shakes her head in dissapointment)

Cindy: Is this a sick joke?

To be continued...


Posted by hyperpiper - June 13th, 2021

Cindy: Heh, she must really like you.

Walter: Yeah, either that or you have food on you.

(Frosty barks)

Walter: What is it girl? Are ya hungry?

Cindy: Welp, see you around.

Mike: Okay see you guys later!

(Frosty barks as if it meant goodbye)

(Mike finds a hotel to stay the night)

The next day...

Mike: Sun's up, it's a new day. Time to find Walter and Cindy.

(He gets dressed and heads out to find the twins)

Cindy: Good morning! Walter: Oh, you're awake.

Walter: Want some coffee?

Mike: Sure, I'll be right over.

(They go inside the house)

Mike: Wow, very spacious.

Cindy: Here take a seat.

Mike: Thank you.

Walter: Anytime!

(Walter's phone rings, he pulls it out of his pocket)

Walter: Oh, gotta go, my boyfriend needs me.

Walter: See ya later!

(He leaves the house)

To be continued...


Posted by hyperpiper - June 7th, 2021

(Police sirens, running, screaming)

Mike: No, not going back to jail. Gotta run. Gotta hide. (A young man running out of the burning bank, running out of town)

Mike: Gotta find another town. Can't let anyone know.

Two weeks later... (A young man in a new town, a new life, in Spicketville, Minnesota)

Mike: Well this is new, gotta lay low. (He takes a look at his surroundings, when he sees two people walking a black fluffy dog)

Cindy: Hey! You new here?

Mike: Yeah. Who are you?

Walter: (Quietly) Please Cindy, we can't get distracted.

Cindy: (Quietly) Come on Walt, we should at least introduce ourselves.

Walter: Fine.

Cindy: I'm Cindy, This is my twin brother, Walter, and this is our dog, Frosty.

Mike: Cool, I'm Mike. Can I pet Frosty?

Walter: Sure! She loves being pet. (Mike pets Frosty, she gives him a kiss)

To be continued...